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Originally Posted by cookie96civic View Post
I'm not dead sure, but i think my civic dx is around 3000 @ 60-65, with only 100hp. My question is my new Nissan Quest runs 2200 @ 80mph and around 1600 @ 60. Is this lugging the engine? Or will it downshift before enough lugging occurs. (5spd auto). I guess it has a little more torque (255) than the civic too, maybe that helps.
You're not lugging. Generally, engines that make a lot of their torque at low rpms can be geared to run like that at highway speeds, because they remain driveable to the average person. Essentially, the gearing is chosen so that passing in-gear isn't a trial of patience.

Admittedly, while everyone here would like a top gear tall enough to run a flying mile on the salt flats, most people want to be able to accelerate at a pace quicker than 'glacial.' Hence, at 80mph, my xB is running at something like 4200rpm. Bigger engines tend to make a lot more torque at lower rpms, so they can be geared much taller without impacting performance. The upside is better fuel economy than if shorter gears were chosen.
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