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Originally Posted by cowmeat View Post
Added another mile to the estimated range I get on a full charge this morning.

I now get 11 more miles of estimated range than I did when I bought the car a couple of months ago. It started out showing the standard 35 miles of range, so I'm pretty sure the lady that owned it before me wasn't a hypermiler!

You will keep improving, my recommendation if you can take the ride, is to bump the tires up to the full 52psi, usually that gains you a couple more miles

Oddly your tires wear better too.

Also you can defog the windows without using much heat, just set the defroster for a low temperature and it will still defog but not use much juice to heat anything.

Also another option is to "idle" your car a 10 minutes, set it to eco, defrost, fan to low and plugged in and you should see minimal loss of capacity but it should get your heater core warmed up.

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