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Minimizing drag at 140mph+

Hello folks,

I am an amateur motorcycle racer, and at the end of the 2017 season I plan to enter the Race of Champions at Daytona. Unlike other tracks on the calendar, Daytona has long full throttle sections where you will hit and hold the maximum speed of your motorcycle for a relatively long time. Drag is not an area that amateurs put much effort into- we buy "race bodywork" and worry about other issues like tire costs, lean angles, and why there aren't more ladies in the grandstands.

So I have been doing some reading and think I have a general understanding of streamlining, but am hoping you can help me stay on track. My goal is to produce a second tail section (over these winter months) that I can swap on and test in race conditions for benefit to top speed.

I will try my first image upload in a moment to support the following questions:

1) Given the side view, how far off from "ideal" is the curvature of my back- does it even matter what the tail section looks like?

2) Assuming the back curvature is a workable aero shape- what should the tail section look like? It seems to me it should be taller, at a height relevant to the air flowing off of me and onto it smoothly. Thoughts? How about the gap between me and it?

3) My tail bodywork probably can't extend more than an inch or two further from the back without setting the race officials after me- so is a Kamm the way to go? How do I know what angle it should decrease by, and is it a speed-adjusted answer?

Thanks, Jake

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