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I have a few observations on your dilemma

1. Congratulations on even thinking carefully about this subject, because aside from windtunnel testing rider position, even the MotoGP teams have made no serious attempts to "streamile" bike designs

2. Unlike cars, motorcycles have a different geometry, with much lower width/height ratio. For this reason it makes more sense to focus attention on smooth airflow down both SIDES not over the top. We have become accustomed to diagrams, templates and side-view photographs, all borrowed from the car industry which has led the way in all things aero. However, much of this is irrelevant.
Have a photographer snap you from above for a plan view, this will help you more.
As gumby says: Think like a fish!

3. I think the "dirtiest" part of the airflow will be aft of your arms above the elbows. This is the widest part of your plan profile and has no chance of re attachment and plan taper due to the abrupt cut-off. To mitigate against this you could consider filling the area from upper arms back to your hips
Think of flying suit wings, as used by the base jumpers. A strong flexible membrane would smooth the airflow back to the point of separation on your butt
It would mean modifications to your leathers not the bike, no problems with scruitineering and you'll get plenty of attention - make the membrane black. If it doesn't work you'll have to give up bike racing, because you'll forever be known as the "batman biker", but if it does work you will be instantly famous when Rossi and Marquez copy you.
One problem I foresee is that when you get your trophy, you won't be able to hold it up for all to see!
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