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The other use case for the Bowlus is an electric tow vehicle with already limited range. When fuel isn't as quick to obtain or as dense with energy as petroleum, every mile counts. The balance between efficiency and comfort tip closer to the efficiency side, because otherwise you might not be able to make it to your desired destination(s).

It can be argued that the exercise is foolish, given that capable TVs are widely available. Wrong tool for the job and all that. But if one has a self-imposed constraint of using electricity to fuel their transport, it can limit the trailer choices.

I know a number of Tesla owners have ordered this particular trailer. I met one who has been towing it, and had the opportunity to tour it. It's nice, but I found flaws with the trailer that wouldn't make the extra range worth the price to me. I think it's quite beautiful, and has a number of impressive features, but I have a very difficult time seeing $137k-$220k of value in it. Others disagree, and that's fine.
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