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With regards to the rear aero dynamics for a goods vehicle within Europe, I think currently the drawbacks outweigh the benefits.

To have anything on the back it would have to be included within the length limit, so that would mean less load.

It would also have to be properly designed, built and would need to be approved before it could be sold / used. It would also be part of the vehicle's annual road worthyness inspection.

The other aspect is that it would be expensive, the standard manufacturers front aerodynamic kits are not cheap, I could also see it being unpratical for bay off loading, not to mention that it could be easily damaged, and expensive to put right.

Currently the European truck industry uses mainly the front aero mods. There are vehicles several who have side skirts, but it must only be about 40 %. Lift axels, LRR tyres and single tyres (instead of double) are cheap to implement and give good results.

There was (and presumably still is) a trailer company who were producing a trailer with a curved roof, but these had issues of being limited to certain roads due to bridge heights.
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