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You are right, that is my transponder. The position is not mandated, I could experiment with mounting it somewhere higher inside the fairing. Would have to test if that causes timing errors from obstructions..

I am not sure what you see as cable loops, but maybe you are looking at brake lines or throttle/clutch cables?

I could find a way to de-sculpt that transition from bodywork to windscreen. It's like that as a yamaha styling.

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I am surprised that nobody has mentioned the green box (transponder I assume) cable-tied to the front forks. That would cause a nice lot of turbulence and could also affect cooling.

I would consider flattening and bending the "beak" of the front fender downwards to reduce air getting under it. Also, what are the cable loops on the lower right of the bike?

Also, have you tuft tested the front fairing? I think the sculpting in the center that is covered by the racing number could be tuned a bit - maybe the number might have to be stretched across tighter to reduce the "valleys".

At the speeds you are talking about, these small details may all add up to something significant.

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