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The Old Empires' plan to cut out Tesla

BMW, Daimler (parent of Mercedes-Benz and Smart), VW Group (Audi and Porsche brands) and Ford are planning, designing and will be building an EV ultra fast-charging network. They are initially laying out their network of an UF DC charging stations along Europe's main highways. Their first network will have 400 locations available by 2020. Their chargers will operate up to 350 kw, more than twice of Tesla Supercharger stations. The network will be based on the Combined Charging System (CCS) protocol currently used in a lower-power version by all four makers. The global group will set the software and physical standards for the CCS specification, and working on the upgrades from the current 50kw to their planned 350 kw maximum spec. This system will also be their next zero-emission infrastructure for North America as well. This proprietary and exclusive network that will NOT connect to Tesla EVs.

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