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A CCS adapter would not be difficult for Tesla to manufacture, at least at their 150kW levels. Stepping down might present a challenge. Thrillist (?) also missed that Tesla is part of the CCS consortium since April (I cannot yet post links since I only have 3 posts, but a simple Google search for CCS and Tesla will get you the results you need).

It's weird they were called "stubbornly independent" since they've been open to sharing their charging network since its inception. No manufacturers took them up on it, though - likely because it wouldn't feel very good to sell a BMW and have them latch up to a charging pedestal with "Tesla" branded on it. But Tesla also open sourced their IP. Stubbornly independent might reflect their focus on vertical integration, though. They seem to shed suppliers rapidly when things go wrong, and just bring it all in house.

My feeling about "Thrillist" is that they're big fans of clicks.
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