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Originally Posted by azraelswrd View Post
I doubt it can replace the alternator but I can see it replacing an A/C or even for some kind of regenerative charging system for hybrids. Love that prototype in the video -- but I know when people hear "hydrogen" they automatically think of Hindenburg-like images of immolation and fiery coffins of doom.

...guess they didn't know about fuel cells or metal hydride release systems.
So along with these from azrael:
driving style
weight reduction
engine maintenance

I think we should add steam to the list for a small inexpensive method to reclaim some of our energy. Even in cold whether it should work -- provided you use a shroud to keep some of the air out of the engine compartment. Add a solar reflector to the game -- and POW -- we are getting H-O-T.

We should keep thinking small, inexpensive mods -- because once things get to elaborate they don't make sense from a financial perspective.
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