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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
The idea of using a battery to supply 350kw to charge a battery is really kind of dumb.
Unless you are trying to increase cost and complexity to increase the size of the government grant you are after.
Depending on where the charge stations are ... there is a power bill penalty for loads that go from 0 (no charging) to 350 kw (charging) in a minute or two ... or perhaps occasionally to 3.5 MW (10 chargers at 350 KW in one location). In that context, local energy storage may be cost effective. Batteries, supercaps (eventually), or perhaps even a local natural gas generator .. which is not exactly green but may be practical ...

Our power bill at work is roughly half for consumption and half for peak demand. So we pay $0.10 for the power when we use it, and $0.10 for the max power that we have used in the past 10 months. When we are down for maintenance, we still pay about half of what we do when we are running, because we COULD start up and use all that power and cause the grid to have to react (!!). Power companies suck, in slightly different ways than Oil companies suck. But they still suck.
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