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Slowmover wrote; "And about a 100-150-mile roundtrip.
So, at best, a very short distance weekend trip.
Defines current state of the art for EV+TT. At present
Is this fair?
Thus, an Alto 1743, with 15-gls water capacity at a dead minimum of 1.5-GPS water per person per day = 10-days. Really, a week without bathing.
See where this goes when seen this way?"

You appear to be assuming that in my case my goal is boondocking for many days if not weeks at a time. I am unclear as to why you assume that. I certainly recognize the boondocking limitations of a trailer with relatively small holding tanks. I can do the math. I might do a few days of boondocking but I also envision staying in campgrounds with services.

Regarding charging my EV, the Tesla Supercharger network is extensive and is expanding rapidly. See . In addition, electrical outlets are widely available.

Again, I understand that a turbo diesel TV and a 9,000 lb trailer works best for you. I'm happy that you have such a great situation. I have no interest in owning an ICE vehicle or a large heavy trailer. I prefer an EV and a compact and lightweight trailer to use for short trips to the beautiful mountains and recreational areas that are just a one day drive from my home. I will not be living in my trailer for weeks at a time. I have a wonderful house, mortgage free, at my disposal.
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