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Originally Posted by evtower
Hmm...and that Metro would be able to tow a Bambi about 10 miles before needing to recharge for half a day.
Hmmm... Four suggestions and you pick the wackest one. Suppose the Metro has the battery pack out of a Kia Soul. They have the highest power density.

Lately, I've been thinking about taking two replacement VW floorpan halves and the T-shaped battery pack from a Chevy Volt and making a replacement Beetle chassis from those parts.

slowmover -- I looked at CheapHeat, but I don't have forced air ducts. Just two oil radiators, one at each end. I knew someone that had restored a motor home when their propane tank shot across the garage like a torpedo and burnt it down; so I'm skeptical about bottled gas.

There is a roof penetration for a 4" chimney by the entry door, and I've been thinking a wood pellet Rocket stove might be nice. They are supercharged so they burn the smoke for more efficiency.

To your appliance list you could add a hand-cranked washing machine and a collapsible 3ft diameter solar oven.

For me boondocking is on the opposite side of relocatable. I have a 500-gallon polypropylene tank in a palletized metal rack. I've been thinking about putting that on a trailer axle, if I find another one like that Dexter that passed through the recyclers.
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