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Originally Posted by sallen View Post
I've added the VSS and injector params to get it into the ballpark and will calibrate at the end of the tank as per the instructions here:
Mpguino calibration - EcoModder

Thanks again for all your help, the MPGuino now looks like it will be very useful.
Glad to be of assistance.

Originally Posted by sallen View Post
- The uSec/Gallon default value was waaaaaaaaaaay low - like 703 or something, so I used a calculator and input the loooong number for some injectors in a similar model;
Strange. The code should have reset all of the EEPROM stored parameters. Apparently, it did not. Let me know if you have any other issues.

Originally Posted by sallen View Post
- I see there is both mL/min and uSec/Gallon and they are independent - does it use both, or one?
The mL/min parameter is the rating of each individual fuel injector. That parameter, along with the # of cylinders and the reference and system fuel pressures, allow the code to calculate the uSec/Gallon number, if desired. That saves you having to calculate it out yourself. That only goes in one direction, though, so if you enter the uSec/Gallon number directly, it does not affect any of the other parameters.

Originally Posted by sallen View Post
- On the old version's instant MPG, I was getting infinite "- - - MPG" down to 1600rpm, now I get a larger number (100 - 200mpg) or a fixed 0.49MPG in place of the - - -, perhaps some of that is the new settings.
Yah, that's weird. You're probably right, it's probably due to the settings being changed due to the changes in the code. Please keep an eye out for anything that you think is out of the ordinary.

Originally Posted by sallen View Post
Thanks again,
You're quite welcome.
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