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the best mod i did to my mx5, was setting the mixture leaner. in open loop the car is so rich, even the power isn´t at its best. inner cooling, i guess.

i opend the black cover at the air flow meter. there is the spring base wich i set now 4 klicks leaner.

now the engine runs at WOT at the richer end of the "optimal" section, at FT or/and high revs it is rich anyway. with no klicks but E60 was WOT lean and FT rich. so using regular gas i tend to give it some more klicks. the middle of "optimal" at WOT maybe...

the best tank ever was 5,84 l/100km, 40,27 mpg with 3 klicks. but its not a commuter car but a track tool. the record was normal backroad driving by my sister. the car is definitly faster than stock, laptimes improved and additional shifts at straigts.
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