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Originally Posted by IndyIan View Post
Have you tried a Metro or Civic with some skinny snowtires? We have a set of 155/80R13 snowtires and basically unless you're on ice or the bottom of the car is dragging in heavy snow you are mobile.
We also have an 03 4x4 chevy tracker with snow tires and it is better for going up steep hills on ice or snow but on a highway or relatively level road there is no major difference.
I'll also say in 99% of winter driving snow tires trump AWD or 4x4 with "all" season tires. Basically hill climbing or towing on snow is where 4x4 shines.
There were AWD Camrys and Tercel wagons, I doubt the Camry would get 30 mpg but the Tercel might.
Thanks for the input. I plan on snow tires no matter what I buy. I travel through the rockies all year round and need to be able to get into some fairly remote places off the 2 lane highways in the back country. I visit many jobsites and they don't always do a good job of snow removal because most of the contractors are driving monster pickups! That's why I'm thinking AWD with snow tires. Won't need it a ton, but when I do I really do!
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