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Thanks Mike, thanks for the warm welcome. Just to be awkward I'm starting with the lower block, mainly because it's the easiest due to the design. I've come up with a simple 2 screw mounting method and I'm going to make 3 different blocks ranging from fairly open to totally covered. I've made the totally covered one already, and today that'll form the template for the other 2.

It's fairly cold here at the moment, and with no engine under tray from the factory I'm hoping there will be sufficient flow from the upper grille and through the bay - I'll know soon enough I guess, but with 3 grilles it should be easy to swap them around as the seasons change.

The Fusion came my way after my last car caught fire. The Wife has a brand new Sportage diesel, and I don't do many miles (I cycle a lot, and regularly cycle commute, over here the risk of dying through a lazy git heart attack is greater than the risk of being knocked off my bike) so it seemed a good time to downsize. I couldn't downsize too much as I'm physically quite a large chap, so was looking at Fusion, Renault Modus, that sort of size - small, but not miniscule.

Straight away I was getting nearly 20 mpg more than my old car, which caused a strange sexual arousal and I quickly became addicted to trying to maximise that with my driving style. Next thing I know I'm a budding Ecomodder and a fledgling hypermiler!

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