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Update: Comparing transmission fluids between compatible eCVT fluids and not just praying Dexron IV works and throwing it in I saw a wide range of kinematic viscosity's at 100 degree CST's as listed below (in mm2/s):
Toyota WS: 7.2
Motul CVTF: 7.2
Mobil Dexron IV: 5.83
Ravenol T-WS: 6.05

So after using google translate to see that the german prius owners liked the ravenol I pulled the trigger and picked some up to put in this weekend. I know the numbers wont directly compare in the real world but that a 19% difference.

Next, I need an oil change in 1500 miles so I picked up a 10 pack of oem oil filters for 16 bucks and compared oils once again (listed in mm2/s, $ price for 4qt/L):
Honda Green Oil (Ultfull 0w-16): 8.156, 42.72
Toyota 0w-20: 9.0, 39.84
Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 0w-20: 8.3, 30.35
Ravenol 0w-16: 7.1, 49.99
Motul 0w-15:5.1, 66.33

Motul is pricey but is a 76% cut at the 100 degree cst point. Honestly if i'm not mistaken this oil is directly in line with honda's non sae certified super thin Jap oil someone was talking about. Foo for thought?
Ravenol is cheaper and is a 27% cut @...
Over 10,000 miles I wonder which would come out cheaper since I've seen some people tout the thinner fluids on this forum.

Also I should add people already use like 0w5 weight oils for super stock racing but most people arent brave enough to run them outside the track.

The only problem now is the pricing lol
Help me make the decision :P

Also got my wiper delete plug, and put my spare back in after driving over a nail at a construction site...
And I have my half inch pipe foam to make my grille block as well.
"I feel like the bad decisions come into play when you trade too much of your time for money paying for things you can't really afford."

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