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Originally Posted by motorulf View Post
Hello from norhtern sweden!
Hej Hej!

Originally Posted by motorulf View Post
I have a few questions.
The board has CAN-bus pins on it, is that supported in software? Or is it a future feature?
I have read the latest firmware source codes i could find (may 2016) and i couldnīt find anything about CAN in them.

Also, it has 2 pins called Voltage, is this actual HV voltage?
I haven't done the software for it yet. Well, I have, but it was for a different context, so it would be relatively easy to cut and paste the code. Although, there's no support right this second for specific CAN frame parsing or whatever. It's just "send data to the universe, and whoever has the mask to accept it, accept it! And I can also receive bytes!"

The voltage pin takes the stepped down voltage from the high voltage DC bus. It must be stepped down to 0-2v or 0-3v max. For example, if you are using 600vDC (176 lithium batteries in series, rounded to 600 to make the math easier), you would need a 300k resistor that can handle 600*600/300,000 watts, so maybe three 100k, 1watt resistors in series. Like this:

+600v ---------- 300kOhm 2watt or 3watt ---------------- Voltage + pin.
600v ground ------------------------------------------- Voltage negative pin.

Yes, you can use the high voltage data and use it for SOC. That's also something that would have to be added to the software, but wouldn't be too big of a deal.

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