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Originally Posted by kalidasbala View Post
Also I assume I can use a pot instead of a hall-effect throttle. If so, can you suggest me a pot that I can use with the board.

Update: Ok, this is what I got 450V 2200uF elCap and 1.5uF 1000V snubber caps (2 of them). Hope it is ok for an IGBT 600V 400A (mitsubushi- powerex)
YOu can try it out, and if under heavy load, the capacitor gets too hot, you could always add another. 1 test is worth a thousand theories!

Yes, to use a pot instead of a hall effect throttle, you would include R101 (maybe 1k or whatever), and use a 4.7k or whatever resistor for R73. Then, you could use a 0-5k pot or 0-10k pot, or whatever. YOu would then use the pin labeled "OUT" on the HALL connection, as well as the pin labeled POT that is just sitting outside the HALL connection. You would have no use for +5v and gnd for a pot. You just need the 2 wires "out" and "pot".
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