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Originally Posted by arber333 View Post
Well i hope you all had merry christmas and i wish you happy transition to new year 2017, to be close to your families and successful.

Right now i use 2x 100uF 800V in paralel. FFVE6B0107KJE AVX Film Capacitors 800volts 100uF 10% (1 PER) | eBay
They are AVX film caps, very fast and one can sustain 90A in DC link function. I put them in my car instead of two elcaps 4700uF 500V in series and i can see difference instantly. Theres more energy available for instant acceleration, otherwise no special difference.

And of elcaps... if you use them, try making a good rail connection, not wire from elcap to rail. Once my wires from caps to rail melted due to my overzealous testing of low voltage motor operation. I threw elcaps out and i use exclusively film caps now connected with at least 1mm x 15mm copper rails.

Snubbers i use 3x 2uF 1200V. RoT is cca 0,6uF per 100A of IGBT. They have to be fitted directly to IGBT +/- rail contacts to be of any use.
Merry Christmas!

I will get another snubber, as it is a direct fit to the IGBT. I am unable to find film caps here - still searching. As a backup let me get another elcap as well, until I find a decent film cap.

Yes the plan is to use the copper rail for now. Still searching for the current sensor, & contactor, hope to get hold of them soon.
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