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It's called 'riding the green wave'.

Have you noticed that both BMW and Audi are claiming their system is a first in this country when Eugene Oregon had I'magreendriver years ago, which became Enlighten:

Audi’s new traffic light countdown seems basic, but it’s a big step for autonomy
LAS VEGAS—“You go and you build it in California, but where are you gonna test it? You’re gonna test it in Nevada.”
Southern Nevada’s RTC sends traffic light data to a third-party company called Traffic Technology Services, or TTS, a Beaverton, Oregon-based company formed three years ago by a German firm that had been doing traffic consulting in Europe. TTS analyzes RTC's data and makes signal timing predictions. TTS then sends these predictions, as well as confidence levels for the predictions, to Audi’s Modular Backend Kit (MBB), which validates cars requesting traffic signal information and sends that information along over a 4G LTE connection after a successful validation.
Potential San Jose test subjects shouldn’t be too nervous. About 100 municipalities already give Connected Signals access to their signaling data streams, and half of those open up the firm’s number crunching to the public, giving individual cars access to predictive traffic light tech.
Usually it takes a New Yorker to be as full of themselves as Las Vegas is here.

Edit: Here's a third link that give proper credit to Green Driver and Eugene.

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