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Scale weights are one measure, as said. A basic.

Next "might" be acceleration times. 0-60 in twenty seconds is the current trailer "standard", but 0-60 in 30-seconds is fine.

So the question becomes acceleration rate. With an OBD reader on mine I can use 80% engine load as a maximum. With contributor "skyking" we will be able to factor out:

1) Vehicle spec
2) Climate

and hopefully

3) terrain, as altitude is easy to factor. We both just need a level test road.

For a MPG test Loop of sufficient distance, one acceleration run from a dead stop and maybe a rolling highway entry at the turnaround point. A cruise control setting of a speed which requires no lane changes on an Interstate. And a return to the same fuel pump at the same station.

Our vehicles are not exactly alike. Our trailers are of a different design class.

Besides engine load percent, average mph can be recorded, and exhaust gas temps noted.

Our vehicles have had (or will have) mechanical rolling resistance issues verified. Even if the four different vehicles are not yet in final configuration.

As opposed to the same route run under the same conditions (truck solo wright sane in each) we're always looking for the percentage MPG change from solo to towing having eliminated all but "driver motivation" (most of which is negated by use of cruise control).

I'm certain a similar kind of regimen would work for EVs.

The point is not competition, but co-operation.

For more than 90% of ICE tow vehicle/TTs conventionally-hitched we're going to find hitch adjustment problems. That's after all the other potential problems on otherwise near-identical rigs.

So if it turns out skyking and I could make a comparison test -- and were down to comparing engine run data -- it's only AFTER the RR issues are done.

Which won't be the case with Teslas and TTs. Homework and pop quizzes precede the semester exam.
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