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where to start

Already much good advice.The urban driving is most challenging.If your highway mpg is around 24 mpg,your in-town mileage would be on the order of 29.25-mpg,if not for all the traffic,stoplights,and stop signs,etc.At low speeds,the van could be really "un-aerodynamic" and your challenge would be one of conservation of momentum.The hyper-milers have been perfecting tips which can help compensate for urban "challenges" and you'd be ahead to look at that forum.------------------- If you can warm-up the van as you drive,combine all your trips into one big loop,minimize cold-starts,try to anticipate traffic lights,avoid stops as much as you can,you'll preserve the motion you dearly pay for.Anything you can do to maintain momentum will reflect at the gas pump.Don't do drive-ins of any kind.Don't idle for more than 30-seconds.Hundreds of techniques.Really! Check out the hyper-miling.Be safe!The aero mods will help at higher speeds,but right now,stop signs and traffic lights and traffic are your big challenge.
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