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Coasting backward down a hill in the dark without lights.

A friend asked for a ride. I was in the middle of replacing a faucet, need to write progress reports for work, and have other things going on, but went to help. Then I ran into Walmart, which apparently now closes at midnight, and it was almost midnight.
I found teflon tape just in time and was almost home when I stopped for a train. I turned off my engine, but left my lights on so nobody knocked me into the train, except no one approached until almost ten minutes later, when I could see the end of the train. My phone was dying (and I cannot charge it in my Civic), but I was almost home!
Everything died when I tried to start the car. I had the smrtcar behind me back up and go around and I rolled back, but tried to bump-start when another car approached.
No good.
I got out and gestured for them to go around. They and another driver stopped to ask if I needed help and waited to see if I could bump-start.
Somehow the rest of the hill was steeper, but there are hardly any streetlights, and I could not turn on my lights. I was able to bump-start, but I kept worrying about backing into something I could not see!

I am very glad I have a manual transmission!

That was four blocks from home. In the morning I will get my trickle charger out of our shed, but that is in the alley. I do not enjoy long walks down dark alleys.

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