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Originally Posted by CoopL View Post
Hey I'm 16 years old,
It's GOOD to start young!

I am looking for a dolphin controller, or technical data so that I can interface Paul and Sabrina's to my motor.
The P&S allows you to adjust acceleration time, calibrate for the throttle signal, and stream a bunch of data. There is no speed feedback on the motor - encoder, resolver, tachometer - to interface to. The GE's I found are all Series-wound. I would expect the Hughes to be as well. So connection from the P&S output is through the field and armature in series ... you determine which way it turns by the connection between the field and the armature.

If you are using the transmission for reverse, you would only need the one direction.

Which P&S are you planning to use - the older style Cougar or the newer IGBT version?

The quick search I did gave me results for a few different GE motors but no Hughes. Perhaps GE purchased that division of Hughes and you have an early motor? All of the early ones appear to be 48V.

The contactor/series resistor setup from this EV album page

Howie's 1980 ComutaCar

is the closed thing to specifications that I found.

Or did I mis-interpret the question?
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