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Thank you for posting. Here's my question:15Kw is 20.1153 mechanical horespower; do you think that's enough?

The cabriolet is a nice donor vehicle, but I'm used to 36hp Beetles that weigh 1750lb. Have you done calculations based on the weight removed vs weight added in the conversion? Have you priced out an adapter plate to fit the motor to the transaxle?

You might look at this thread from 2014-08:

There is a crusty example on eBay right now for $200. You'd be lucky to get an adapter plate for that*. It is a single speed 68hp unit. With a single speed you need twice the hp rating (and massive cables and components) at startup so it is roughly equivalent to the 25-36hp VW.

thingstodo and MPaulHolmes have already responded in the thread, and they have more experience than me in this area.

Beyond that, when you are ready to get into aerodynamics that cabriolet body will be really handy. See the Golf GTI W12-650

*Actually, what you save on the adapter plate goes into adapting the axle shafts.
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