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Oh cool ! I was actually going to ask you folks that have a Prius if you can have commands like this using the Prius voice recognition system.
I just got back from vacation with my parents.
My dad now has a 2008 Prius.
I noticed it has voice recognition, and this got my interest peaked.
After looking over the manual though, the only thing that seems to work with voice recognition, is making calls via browntooth, or yellowtooth or whatever.

( Essentially just converting the car into a rolling phone )

I'd love to know that he can turn the temperature up or down, or turn on other things just using voice. He found the touch screen quite hard to do while driving.

I did see the buttons on the steering wheel, but I don't think you can do anything like I mentioned.

Getting back to Alexa, I would have thought that you could choose from a list of names.
What happens if there is a person in the house that also has the same name ?
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