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Originally Posted by Ardent View Post
The issue I've seen is parasitic drain during prolonged non-use. I thought perhaps there was a deeper sleep mode.

I try to remember to unplug it after the EEPROM write.
This idle mode may yet provide some savings. Current, when MPGuino goes to sleep, all it really does is display the system time and turns off the backlighting, also also stops transmitting serial logging /JSON data. Other than that, it still sits there and "spins its wheels" when it's not actually displaying or calculating things. Idle mode is intended to stop the CPU when MPGuino isn't required to do anything that resembles calculation, which is a surprisingly large fraction of the time it's powered up.

I am considering how to implement deep sleep mode, but you would lose the ability to wake up the MPGuino if you have 5-button analog switches or the Parallax switch assembly or buffered LCD. I might could work around buffered LCD, but analog/Parallax switch support is a show stopper.

I will likely end up making deep sleep incompatible with analog/Parallax switches. That is, you can have either one or the other, but not both.

Oh, and deep sleep would also be incompatible with the built-in clock display - the onboard clock would simply stop once MPGuino entered deep sleep.

Originally Posted by josemapiro View Post
Hi t vago
Thanks for the correction, now you can make the change.
But in the settings when switching to the metric system, it does not change to Microsec/L.
The previous version also had the problem, but when I informed it, I checked that I already had a new version, I thought the new version would correct the problem, but no.
I actually gave up on autoconverting and storing that microseconds/gallon figure as a parameter, seeing as how all of the listed vehicles on the MPGuino Wiki listed their numbers as microseconds/gallon, and it would have led to more confusion once people started using Imperial gallons vs US gallons.

Besides, the number is already autoconverted inside the code itself. It just isn't stored as a parameter.

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