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I have a whole bunch of titles which claim i should know a bit about electricity. I also teach microcontrollers, embedded systems and robotics.

I have arranged a test with a renault megane diesel.

First measure the output amps of the alternator and record the fuel consumption (the car switches to showing l/hour when stationary).

Then disconnect the alternator cables to see what it shows as fuel
May also try disconnecting the belt if it is easy.

Then start charging the battery of the car from ac to see if alternator current drops to 0 and there is a decrease in liters per hour.

Usually the fuel consuption is 1l/h or there abouts. If this drops by 0.3l then i would be saving about 0.6l per day as i am stuck in traffic for atleast 2 hours a day.

Any/all recommendations are welcome.

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