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AHH you spotted them lol

i forgot to say about that they are button magnets they dont need any mounting thwy stick on so hard its quite a job getting them off, i was looking into vortex generators and very interested in testing them out. i had ordered some little magnets for a windbelt generator project. They came through the post and i had put the stack of them in my pocket. i totally forgot about them until i was working on the engine and my pocket stuck to the wing with a clunk. The idea then hit me that i could test them out along the rear edge as vortex generator bumps

I will have to take them off again to verify any gain or loss but from reading up on the concept i think they should have the desired effect. i certainly don't feel any more drag and its hard to tell if there is a reduction because that could all be in my mind as so often when you want something to work but so far my mpg is looking good i am on 87 miles just half way down from the first bar i cant remember that ever happening before
but that may be to many combined factors such as the grill block and driving stile. at the same time as putting the magnets on the rear edge is straped some around the fuel
line. i have no idea if magnets have any effect on fuel but as so many fuel magnets are sold i didn't really have anything to loose by it.

Circular Disc Magnets

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