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I for one don't understand people who insist on driving something completely stock. Like they are the specific demographic the whole thing was tuned to. Here's a few more things to think about. First this:

A long box van is a special case aerodynamically. The length allows turbulent air to reattach to the skin. This is called fineness ratio. Find a member called aerohead and look at his posts or albums. There is a lot on cab-van spacing, buses drafting each other, etc. Also there is a member named Sheperd777 that is building the AirFlow Truck Company StarShip

The other thing is some work by Robt. Englar that came out Georgia Tech:
Development of Pneumatic Aerodynamic Devices to Improve the Performance, Economics, and Safety of Heavy Vehicles
Robert J. Englar
Georgia Tech Research Institute
The Aerodynamics of Heavy Vehicles: Trucks, Buses, and Trains
edited by Rose McCallen, Fred Browand, James Ross

ebook from $124.54
Case Study
Low-Drag Trucks: Aerodynamic Improvements & Flow Control System Boost Fuel Efficiency in Heavy Trucks
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