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Originally Posted by craysus View Post
If an engine manufacturer could deliver the most efficient engine taking into account a lot of external sources, and other pieces, forums such as this would NOT exist..

Every single engine ever made by a manufacturer can be improved upon with aftermarket parts and tuning available.

Pulling a Cummins apart, and rebuilding it to improve V.E. (Basic porting / balancing) will increase its fuel economy greatly, extra parts such as lighter pistons with shorter skirts, removal of parasitic external forces on the engine, transmission improvements, exhaust and inlet improvements all GREATLY enhance fuel economy and can at the same time REDUCE emissions...however, they are costly to perform in the factory, and even more costly in the aftermarket..
Bulk manufacturers are run by bean counters...NOT by the engineers and designers...
I guarantee Cummins could build a 20% more efficient engine without trying too hard...just the cost increases of 40-50% per engine would make that engine unjustifiable..And training the half educated mechanical geniuses in most facilities to service a much higher tech engine with tighter tolerances would be nigh on impossible.
I say no way. They would take a 20% improvement if it doubled or tripled the price of the motor. Fleets just like you would scarf them up by the thousands over their competitors at International or Volvo or whoever. I also say any increase in economy is going to put NOx emissions over what the government will allow. I personally don't think that's a problem, but that is what is holding the manufacturers back. If you are willing to throw NOx to the wind then you can accomplish whatever HHO (which just never is going to make scientific sense) would do with simple tuning and deleting emissions. If HHO is actually doing anything anywhere it is only because it is fooling the tune and changing power and emissions not efficiency.

I do say try it on a couple of trucks with long established routes and drivers. Don't tell the drivers anything is changed and see what you get if they will give you your money back.
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