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Long time fuel miser

Always owned efficient cars, and after a 1970 Ford Maverick in college, I bought a Civic CVCC hatchback. From there I went on to own mostly Civics, with only a few deviations that included a '79 Golf diesel that I bought in Germany (48 to 55 mpg monster) and brought back to the states in 1980 just in time for the "oil shock", followed by a couple of small minivans when the kids were young, including a couple of interesting Civics as second cars, the first Shuttle/Wagovan and then the second version with part time all wheel drive. My favorite Honda is still in my garage... a black 1993 Civic Coupe EX-O with few limited nice weather only miles on the odo. The 1.6L in this car can get 40 mpg.

After the kids moved out, my wife and I dumped the kid mobile and bought a 2nd Gen 2005 Prius. Traded it in for a 3rd Gen 2011 Prius as distance travel car in early 2012. The 2nd Gen Prius was a 50-52 mpg car, and the 3rd Gen, a much better road car averages 52-55 mpg. We fell into a super deal on a trip while we killed time during a Prius oil change, walking the Honda store next door. We had been looking for a second hybrid and found a leftover 2013 Insight EX and couldn't believe the deal they offered on it... so it became my daily driver. EPA sticker be damned... the Insight easily delivers over 50 mpg and has hit 57 mpg (calculated) on several tanks during mild weather.

That covers many years of trying to be an efficient driver. Never felt the need for large cars or big engines. Always appreciated light, good handling cars, and until I bought the Insight, all of my cars have been manuals.

So, I'm a lurker no more. I find this forum very interesting and will try to pop in when I can.

Too 2 Efficient Ones Prius and an Insight
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