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Cross-posting from IC -- I got some more LEDs for the ZE2. Now if I use the first light switch position it's only using LEDs. (Already replaced the front side-marker and driving-light bulbs.)

Yesterday I replaced my reverse lights and rear side-marker lights with LEDs. In the above photo the left one has been replaced, while the stock bulb is in the right. It's pretty bright outside, so it's hard to tell, but the LEDs are way brighter than the stock bulb.

This is one of the new reverse LEDs in the housing, it's a large boxy rectangular thing.

The rear side-marker light is seen here slightly above the rest of the stock LED fixtures. For this I used a red LED.

These are the packages, I got them off of Amazon.

The new reverse lights are wayyyy brighter than stock. I reversed down the driveway last night and even from the top of the driveway, about 120 feet away, that whole side of the house was illuminated, along with the driveway itself. The red side-markers are also brighter than stock, but not to the same degree.

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