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A bit of progress to report. I will look back through my pictures and see if I have something to post as I have not updated in a while:

Originally Posted by thingstodo View Post
- working on the motor mount for the opposite drive end of the motor. The drive end couples to the transmission, the opposite side is not quite lined up for the old motor mount but it should work OK. My metal fabrication skills are poor.
Motor mount is fabricated and installed. I think I took pictures - will look for them this week

- Working on the mount for the controller, that connects to the motor mount and the transmission
Controller mount is at revision 0 - there is something there and it SHOULD hold up the controller, at about the right height

- working on the support for the passenger' side axle, from the controller mount
Axle support is in. Some vertical adjustment is available so I should not kill the bearings on the transmission .. at least immediately ... no horizontal adjustment so I hope it is aligned. Will search for some pictures

- got the fittings (angles, reduction, clamps) and the pump rough-fit to the radiator. No power to test as yet. No connection to the controller until the controller mount is done.
Fittings mounted to the heater core, radiator, circulating pump, and controller. Heater core was flushed with water until it ran ... not quite clear but less icky? Same with radiator. Circulation checked through controller chill plate and the water does flow but I can't test whether it leaks between the three chill plate grooves. I guess I'll have to see if the controller develops more heat on one IGBT than the others?. Again, looking for pics

- got the controller, contactors, fuses, and various other electrical stuff rough layout on a copy of the backplate of an enclosure that seems like it might fit OK over the controller. The top will be plexiglass and transparent so you can troubleshoot a couple of things with the cover on.
Not much progress here. The base is cut from OSB and mounted. No cover, and I'm at version 0.1 on the arrangement of the parts and pieces

I cut a cover for my spare tire bay, which is going to have a maintenance disconnect switch, a shunt and a couple of fuses mounted on it. Perhaps even a volt/amp combo meter. I'm working on arranging the parts and cutting peek-a-boo holes so I can check on the status by lifting the carpet but not the cover. Likely the covers will be cut from plastic box lids that I'm not using for their intended purpose

The #00 cable is run from the spare tire bay to the controller mount, under the car, supported in 5 places. It is not High Voltage orange as yet - I need to get some loom and other miscellaneous stuff from EVTV
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