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Problem using bootloader

(this is for 500A DC controller)

I'd like to tinker a little with firmware code so working bootloader would be much more comfortable to use in car than ISP; found Adam's instructions regarding RTD Explorer in this post but it doesn't work for me...

Microcontroller is ATMega168P, it's programmed with "coug-unified-16k.hex" code v.1.9; fuses are set according to instructions in "bootload168" directory (E: 0xF8, H: 0xDC, L: 0xF7). Controller works fine in car and communicates with RTDexplorer on Windows XP.

After clicking and confirming "Load firmware" controller seems to enter bootloader (error LED no longer blinks due to throttle not connected) but there's no further action - no messages like "avr_write_flash_block" etc. and after that I need to kill "avrboot.exe" process to regain access to COM port. What's interesting is that controller needs to have it's power cycled to start again; pulling low ISP reset pin doesn't bring back "blinking LED state" (maybe false result of initial CRC check causes stop in while(1) loop?)

It looks to me like problem occurs during avrboot execution, do you have any ideas how to get it to work?

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