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I agree, it's a small gain if anything... I wouldn't drop my oil pan to do the mod, but I'd likely try it if my pan were off anyway, and it looked easily doable...

In the LSJ community(Cobalt SS and Ion Redline), doing neutral balance shafts(non weighted) is known to be good for around 5whp, but that's on a 2L engine that can turn over 7kRPM in stock form, and the larger 2.5L engine only turning 6200 might not notice it as much, and were only talking peak gains at near redline... I'll try and find some dyno evidence of this doing anything...

Now, normally, I'm cruising well below 2k, and this might not help too much, but as the engine spins up climbing a hill(can't help it at all, CVT programming) this might help slightly... If nothing else, it'll help in situations which require quick acceleration, and if done at the same time as installing a different oil pan it's essentially free...
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