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Originally Posted by meelis11 View Post
How do you make versions - is it just file copy with date in filename or smth?
That way you have some kind of history, but it is not version history - you cannot see DIFFs, and and comment you can add when committing changes to GIT or SVN. You could push all your versions to repo (copypaste file over, vommit, copypaste nd commit ...) just commit dates are all in same date.
Yes, it is a file copy with date in the filename.

I can make DIFFs, as required, with my text editor. Believe me, it has become very invaluable many times during the past several months.

As to the rest? I suppose they're useful, but my experience these past several years suggests that it's not strictly necessary to post comments on every tiny bit of minutiae, but just the major changes and feature adds. Might be nice to have a searchable history, though...

Originally Posted by meelis11 View Post
Then maybe try bitbucket? If you work with laptop, you can actually commit changes to GIT even when offline! (git push uploads them to online repo).
Or you can edit your code in memory stick and local repo is there too - so you can work anywhere, but push commits to online repo when you have online access.
Really...try it, it is worth it to have version history with differences line-by line what you changed when making every new feature (when something breaks you can track it down when and what caused new bug)
I use the "compare files" feature of my text editor to track line-by-line changes, and it has helped me enormously with tracking down new bugs.
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