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Looks good but I think you might have missed an idea. If your vehicle(s) are anything like mine they have an electric rad fan controlled by a thermo switch. Mine kicks in at 96c and turns off at 90c. Why not use this switch as the trigger (better in high ambient)? Alternatively use the signal from the temperature gauge sender to open it in a graduated way (better in variable/low ambient)?
It's simpler than using an arduino as a controller and you can guarantee if the computer throws a wobbly it'll jam in the worst possible position. It might be an idea also to code it so that there is a fail shut or fail open option (maybe in the code, or a spring with two different fittings).
It's kind of depressing that they were using radiator blocking vanes on aircraft engines in the 30s, and cars are only now catching up.

..ah, pretty much what you were doing anyway..
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