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This thread died back in May.... hmmm. It was getting pretty heated ... I would've loved to read more ... lol.

It seems that the debate on this will go on for a long time. Why? Because not all engines are the same. Yes, they function in similar ways, but some cars with MAP sensors will react differently to WAI than those without. The ECM measures the difference between upstream and downstream and calculates mixture based on that in some cars, but not on others. I'm not aware of a comprehensive list that tells you which do and don't either.

Still, I think that most modern cars will not benefit from just putting a WAI on today because the ECU will just readjust because of the sensors. After the O2 sensor is warmed by the exhaust gases it will provide the data for air/fuel ratios.

Ahhhh, but what if you were to use the old foil trick? Carefully wrap the O2 sensor in aluminum foil and use a zip tie to hold it in place (leaving a small path for some air flow)? This would trick the ECU into runner leaner yes?

Well darn, the new O2 sensors don't have that vent hole in back. Rather, they use a wire. Can you limit the flow in a wire? Hmmmm

If you can fix teh O2 sensor issue you've got it solved. You would have the MAP sensors and AIT sensor inline on your WAI they should be taken care of.

Yes, knocking may occur on some cars so you obviously would need to run higher octane gas ... or just forget the whole thing. I think it's worth a try.... especially in the winter.

Who's in?
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