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Dia duit oil pan 4 and stuby79
Thanks for your advice and thoughts on batteries if you get a chance you can check out what a company called gulf and western did with zinc batteries in late 1970 s and early eighties.
There is a great advert for there battery system if you look at there research they spent millions of dollars bringing the battery to prototype stage they used a zinc Chrolide solution it had great amp hrs and kept the power going to almost exhaustion point of cells. Then they simply used a refrigeration system to trap the Chroline gas in water to form a slushy ice soultion and so the cycle began again my concern was cost of that build and weight hopefully I can achieve same output half the weight by using air as the electrolyte instead of zinc Chrolide and water I will post the drawing and photogragh when I build the stack if you can help point out any flaws and share you experience and battery data that would be great I will run a load test on the bench
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