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any help or photos of factory built batteries would be greatly appreciated
Jack Rickard Videos

The current episode is EVTV Friday Show - January 13, 2017. Using Tesla Battery Modules. At 28:30—31:59 he discusses battery safety vs energy density.

See also:

Technology and Products – Eos Energy Storage

Some of Znyth’s® Key Advances Include:

Titanium current collector with proprietary ceramic coating is permanently conductive, non-corrosive, and self-healing

Aqueous, near neutral pH electrolyte is non-dendritic and does not absorb CO2, eliminating carbonate clogging issues

Proprietary electrolyte additives and buffering agents enhance zinc solubility and plating to improve energy density and run-time

Hybridization of cathode chemistries and electro-active catalysts improves power density and roundtrip efficiency

Highly standardized manufacturing processes such as metal stamping and injection molding to keep manufacturing costs low

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