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Updated the first post in this thread to be a bit more easier to follow. Optional features have now been explicitly described as such. They can be enabled or disabled at compile time. Any exceptions (like software clock and deep sleep being incompatible with each other) are spelled out.

Deep sleep appears to be a success. My MPGuino completely goes blank and appears dead to the world, but still wakes up and responds to button presses (and, more importantly, to the engine being turned over or to vehicle movement). Going to attach an ammeter to see what kind of current consumption goes on while MPGuino is in deep sleep. The complicating factor for this addition was getting deep sleep to work with analog buttons. Deep sleep with analog buttons will consume more current than deep sleep using legacy 3-button support, but will still be less than when MPGuino is active.

The menu system is back in place and functioning well. I think I have implemented what josemapiro wanted.

Modified the code to lay the foundation for additional timeouts, similar to the inactivity timeout, for idle, EOC, and park (engine off and vehicle stopped). All timeouts have a user-definable stored parameter, and each timeout can go from 1 second to 255 seconds. I am looking at an idle timeout of 10 seconds, an EOC timeout of 1 second, a park timeout of 3 seconds, and an inactivity timeout of 120 seconds.

The idle timeout will cause MPGuino to display the Instant Trip and Current Trip idle screen, while the EOC timeout will display the Current Trip and Tank Trip EOC screen. The park timeout will be used for trip auto-saving, to support wiring MPGuino to an accessory power source (as opposed to battery). Once the park timeout has elapsed, MPGuino will then go through the inactivity timeout period as before.

The idle and EOC timeouts will reset if either the vehicle is moving with the engine running, or if the vehicle is stopped with the engine off. The park timeout will reset if either the engine is running or the vehicle is moving. The inactivity timeout will reset if the engine is running or the vehicle is moving or a button is pressed.

Also dusted off my notes from my earlier attempt to add coastdown determination two years ago.
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