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Originally Posted by josemapiro View Post
Hi t vago
When will we be able to test this new version?
Well, I could release it tonight, but I want to test the latest Legacy LCD changes first. Was able to shave off 20 or so bytes after examining that part of the code, but I want to ensure the changes work first.

Originally Posted by josemapiro View Post
An addition that might be good was when MPGuino starts to present a text asking if you want to continue the previous trip, if it is affirmative you would just press the ok button, if you did not press any button at the end of 20 or 30 seconds would start a new trip .
This would be good for long journeys, which may take long stops to rest and then continue the journey.
Alternately, you could have trip save/restore enabled, disable current trip auto-reset entirely, and then manually reset the current trip. It would behave exactly like the tank trip.

Got my new Arduino Uno in the mail, so I now have four active test platforms. Also got one of these in the mail (but I have to put it together first).

It's a combination LCD and 5-button module that connects to the Arduino via TWI (I2C).
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