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Some concerns.
Does that block the A/C radiator as well? I'd prefer to leave that open.

This will also force the air over the radiator, so the air intake snorkel (would be on the right just outside last pictures frame) will only get more cold air than it does already.
Lukewarm air seems to get best FE at low loads...
But your SC shows '28cIA' so you appear to be doing fine. What am I missing?

FWIW, I've blocked the grill instead of the radiator to good result, it does raise the air intake temp somewhat without having to remove the snorkel and also seems to aid FE a few %, though that is always hard to measure precisely.

I only ran into trouble once, on a very hot (40C on the nose) day gridlocked for hours with my then little boy aboard. Had to run A/C all the time. Saw the air intake temp rise hover round 50C all the time, then suddenly it went up to 70 within a minute.
I was about to get out and rip the grill blocks off, but at the same time the jam dispersed, we got moving for a mile or two at speed and everything went back to normal.
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