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I think I took the ScanGauge pic before I made the block. That said, I don't see myself using the block in warmer months. Last year during the summer I took the block out of my G1 and didn't put it back until winter. I have it in there because recently its been taking the car a while to get up to operating temperature. That will of course change as we move towards spring.

Intake air temp is a whole different situation, I'd like to maintain a higher IAT, but like you said that's either going to be a grill block or a WAI. I haven't had time to inspect the air intake to see how feasible a WAI would be on the G2.

@Ridesharing Economics
I have what I consider my "real" job and I do Uber//Lyft on the side. My real job is incredibly variable in terms of hours I can work, due to business volume and even day to day fluctuations. I also don't party as much as other people my age, so I can drive the high demand hours on the weekend. The point of this car was to guarantee a second income in case demand at my "real" job should get low for a long period.

But, to your point, not 100% of the milage is for ridesharing. It's a lot bigger than the G1 so I've used it to carry large stuff and carpooled with my derby team mates and whatnot. That's why I have been keeping a log of the odometer every time I ride share (with dates too) and how far I went while doing that. And I have all my receipts -- gas, phone holder, transmission fluid change stuff (did it myself), etc.

So is it worth it? I guess it depends how long I do this, how long I keep the car, what kind of fuel economy I get out of it, what I sell it for in the end, and the low price I paid for it. Currently my real job has been doing well, so I've been working there a lot, and not doing much ride sharing. But usually around March we slow down, so who knows right? Also this is good for me in other non-financial ways. I can be shy and I don't have great social skills. This exposes me to lots of random people and is helping me interact better with people. That's a positive I didn't expect when I started doing this. Anyway, only time will tell how it works out.
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