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New best tank on this car, 53.34 mpg. Hypermiling to the extreme -- I was going 50 in 65 zones, frequently not even getting up to 35 on a lot of normal roads, hanging out in the right lane, killing the engine then neutral coasting backwards to park in some spaces, trying to not use the HVAC system, etc. It's hard to maintain this driving style over the life of a tank, especially since you're pushing the car farther and farther and it lasts longer. I got to 502.1 miles, and could have gone further, but this represents 10 days in a row of driving like a turtle.

I should look at doing a WAI and an aerodynamic grill block and an underbody aero panel at the very back of the car. LED headlights might also help, but that's mucho denero. I'm glad everything else (except turn signals) is now LEDs because when I'm going slow I'll put the sidemarker lights on as I'm driving so that people see me.

Also, I haven't gotten to rideshare recently. I've been sick for a week, and my real job is really busy. I need to get back to that once I feel better.
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