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Thanks for bringing this company to our attention. I'm of the mind to try it as soon as it hits the market. They have already met funding for their Kickstart.

There is tremendous new breakthroughs in tribology (science of friction) and much of it is in the interaction of nano particles. This company is based on good research done at the University of Washington and funded by various groups and granting. This is not proof of concept but much closer to launch.

We all know most oil additives are useless in the realm of hydrodynamic lubrication, but the internal combustion engine still has a major metal to metal contact point - the piston/cylinder interface. If this substance can reduce that friction in any way, it becomes a viable material.

I used titanium nano particles on a 3 cylinder engine a decade back. They were burnished into the cylinder walls after break in of the engine and disassembly for inspection. The before and after was one of those "Wow" moments. It took about 7 ft.lbs. of torque to rotate the crank before the nano treatment. After, it was less than a foot pound.

I am interested in TriboTex claims of it's abilities to "rebuild" a machine surface. All nano particle lubes eventually wear off. How do they hope to build a surface?
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