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Originally Posted by vskid3 View Post
Am I the only one seeing the last picture? It looks like you can clamp it to the battery like a regular jump box and start the car that way. Still might not be good enough for a stone-cold dead battery and large engine, but would probably be fine if the battery is just on its way out. I think there's some poor translation or too much dumbing-down in the instructions.
A pocket lithium jump starter can and will start a gasoline engine in the 2 liter range, if clamped directly to battery terminals. But not in the form it's sold in stores or Amazon. As it comes from factory, it has a pack of Schottky diodes on the + wire, to protect from reverse polarity. Ordinary, board soldered Schottky diodes. A 200 amp diode is 10 times bigger and looks nothing like a board soldered diode.

So the board of diodes has to be removed and replaced with a solid copper bar. Once this is done, a 5.8Ah lithium jump starter can give "a kick" to a weak battery and turn the starter motor. After 2 starts, its charge barely falls from 4 LEDs to 3. On a dead battery it may struggle, or not be able to turn the starter motor more than a few turns.

The jump starter is less than 1/2 lbs and it can be easily held in a coat pocket, like a big smartphone.

Wires are 10 AWG, too thin to carry current for a sizable amount of time, but enough to fire a burst of current for 1-2 seconds, as needed for a jump start.

Due to being cheap and very lightweight, it's a good addition to have in the car if you are stranded somewhere with a weak battery.
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